When graduating at Elisava School of Design I got immersed in the food field with my thesis in collaboration with el Celler de Can Roca, rethinking the user experience in high cuisine. Since then it started my personal concern to create better futures of food, where I believe in  design and art as key agents to generate critical thinking. I have been exploring it through art performances, workshops and artifacts.


In 2016 I started an art collective with Gaston Lisak, Carlos J. Navarro and Daniel Armengol, called Random Happiness. A space to act and react towards today’s culture using happiness as a revolutionary tool, which moved us to keep on experimenting until today.

From researching the interaction human-object I founded Liza Coco, a personal project where I design wearable sculptures that questions fashion breaking with dichotomies of gender, jewelry, arts, and futures.


A close to knomad lifestyle allowed my work to get inspired by diverse contexts, bridging the narratives of art and culturES around the world. Furthermore, it gave me the opportunity to collaborate with individuals and entities as with Michelangelo Pistoletto at the Rebirth Forum of La Habana, the Tate Exchange or Open Restaurants Jerusalem, as well as to impart classes and workshops in Elisava School, Tilburg University, HIT Holon Institute of Technology among other institutions.


2019. ‘Kikar Lehem' cultural diversity photography series with ARK Visual - Tel Aviv, IL

2019. ‘The edible story’ gastronomic experience, Open Restaurants - Jerusalem, IL

2019. ‘Foodture statement spoons’ exhibition at BCD Center - Barcelona, ES

2019. ‘Premios de Innovación Sostenible’ at BCD Center- Barcelona, ES

2019. ‘Higher Resolutions’ exhibition at Tate Exchange - London, UK

2019.  XIII Bienal de Arte de la Habana, Proyecto Farmacia - La Habana, CU

2019. ‘Not Working’ artwork Internet Age Media Weekend - Barcelona, ES

2018. Foro Rebirth IV by El Tercer Paraíso, Gran Teatro de la Habana - La Habana, CU

2018. ‘FAT Food and Tattoo’ gastronomic experience - Barcelona, ES

2018. ‘DC Living Lab’ residency at Supernova Fest - Antwerp, BE

2018. Artnit Campos exhibition at AN Festival - Mallorca, ES

2018. 'Naked Palermo' workshop at Brothers - Buenos Aires, ARG

2018. 'Faraway portraits' Bienal de la Luz, Espacio Cavallero - Buenos Aires, ARG

2018. ‘Food and IoT’ grant program by UPC and La Salle - Viladecans, ES

2018. ‘Mobile Week Gallery’ exhibition at DHUB Museum - Barcelona, ES

2017. ‘MID Talent’ residency by BCD Center - Barcelona, ES

2017. ‘Mobile Week Gallery exhibition at MNAC Museum - Barcelona, ES

2016. ‘Likepad’ artwork at Ús Barcelona - Barcelona, ES

2016. ‘De la Terra a la Lluna’ exhibition at Palau Robert - Barcelona, ES

2016. ‘The Influencers’ Yami-Itchi, CCCB - Barcelona, ES

2016. ‘Believe in your feed’, Unread Messages exhibition at The Aram Gallery - London, UK

2015. ‘Science and Cooking’ masterclass by Joan Roca at Harvard - Massachusetts, US

2015. ‘The Cooking Tour Experience’ talk of Joan Roca at the WEF - Dubai DXB

2014. Jordi Amat Industrial design in wood, Award by CECOT - Barcelona, ES



2020. 'Juemai: Objetos en diálogo' workshop with FoodCultura - Online

2020. 'Advanced principles of design' subject,  - Barcelona, ES

2020. 'Design for interaction' subject, LCI Barcelona - Barcelona, ES

2020. ‘Las nuevas normas del juego' talk,#8SCD by AEDI - Sevilla, ES

2020. ‘Supergallery' workshop, IED - Barcelona, ES

2020. ‘Killing tapas' workshop,#8SCD by AEDI - Sevilla, ES

2019. ‘Tasting Colors' workshop for Color Hive and Tambur Focus Group - Tel Aviv, IL

2019. ‘Broken Food Rituals’ workshop at HIT - Tel Aviv, IS

2019. Creative Entrepreneurship workshop III Edition, Tilburg University - Tilburg, NL

2019. ‘Food as a material’ workshop at Elisava - Barcelona, ES

2019. ‘The future candies’ workshop with Plat Institute - Barcelona, ES

2019. WePlay talk, Festival of Digital Art, MOB - Barcelona, ES
2019. Jury of Augmented Senses MA at the IaaC - Barcelona, ES
2019. ‘User Interaction’ subject at LCI - Barcelona, ES

2019. ‘Design for Food’ subject at Elisava - Barcelona, ES

2018. Taller para niños en espacio Rayoactivo, GalerÍa Continua - La Habana, CU

2018. ‘Totems of today’ workshop at Elisava - Barcelona, ES

2018. ‘Donuts of the future’ workshop at IED - Barcelona, ES

2018. ‘Make it emotional’ Elisava Research for Airbus Europe - Barcelona, ES

2018. Creative Entrepreneurship workshop II Edition, Tilburg University - Tilburg, NL

2018. 'Naked Palermo' workshop at Brothers - Buenos Aires, ARG

2018. ProFiuers talk at FIUBCN Tour, Elisava - Barcelona, ES

2018. ‘Naked las Ramblas’ workshop at Elisava - Barcelona, ES

2018. ‘Bench time’ workshop at Brothers - Barcelona, ES

2018. IAM Pop-up Women’s day talk - Barcelona, ES

2018. ‘Hackers Bazaar’ workshop at CIC - Barcelona, ES

2018. ‘Supergallery’ workshop at Brothers - Barcelona, ES

2017. ‘Selfie ergo sum’ talk and workshop, La Salle College - Jakarta, IND

2017. Creative Entrepreneurship workshop I Edition, Tilburg University - Tilburg, NL

2016. ‘User experience for Higher Cuisine’ masterclass at IED School - Barcelona, ES

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