AWAKE Series

“AWAKE” Series is an artwork born as a reaction to our current times. Opening a dialogue about the citizen power and responsibility, of what we are and what we can be.


Popcorn is a recognized symbol of transformation through challenges and difficulties. In the series, mundane ‘object-troubées’ are enclosed by a spreading amount of these little capsules of emerging transformation. A moving pattern that opens a broad spectrum of possible futures expecting to be. This piece suggests a reflection on relevant questions we might want to consider as: What is our implication as citizens to decide the systems we live in? Or even, what can be our implication to create the systems we will live in the upcoming futures? Understanding trivial objects as tools for a purpose, we highlight the inherent power of daily actions. For instance, our food choices, the brands we are supporting with each purchase, or the information sources we rely on. 


With the current technologies and hyperconnectivity, we achieved an increasing sense of community but also indifference and ephemerality when facing injustices or when taking part in relevant decisions that are shaping the ecosystem we call home. In a moment when we are growing roots in the sofa of our homes while scrolling down, we have more inspiration, information, and therefore, collective power under our thumbs.


After years of being mesmerized by gleaming screens, the task of identifying the truth has become a big challenge. Immersed in a distorted hybrid reality, we can’t trust everything we see. Due to the fact that we need to be aware,  AWAKE is a call to action that claims the urgency to wake up as a society and invites the viewers to indagate deeper into the consequences of our choices, acquiring and generating a critical thinking attitude towards our environment.


Dealing with uncertain hard circumstances as we are struggling with, in our times, can be seen as an opportunity for humanity. This is a privileged moment to rethink what we do and how we do it, embracing change through a critical thinking mindset. It’s time to watch, not to see.


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