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ARTWORK: Sweet Demise 2020

MATERIAL: Sculpture where sugar (hopefully) one day will dissappear.

SERIE: 5 ud

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In the past, sugar was a luxury enjoyed only by aristocrats due to the labor-intensive process of production. However, its ubiquitous presence in today's society has transformed it into a common ingredient, influencing our food choices and health. Despite its seductive allure, sugar poses significant health risks, contributing to the obesity epidemic and affecting societal well-being. "Sweet Demise" delves into this complex relationship, questioning our control over food choices and the pervasive influence of sugar in our lives.

Through intricate crystalline sculptures, "Sweet Demise" visually portrays the evolution of sugar consumption, from a symbol of indulgence to a catalyst for health concerns. This thought-provoking artwork prompts us to reconsider our relationship with sugar and its impact on our bodies and society. By raising awareness and sparking dialogue, the artist encourages us to examine the role of sugar in our daily lives and make informed decisions for our well-being and the planet.

Hopefully, one day, crystals will melt leaving the rope as it once was.

Artist: Nicole Vindel
Art Direction: Georgina Santiago
Photography: Cara Schanuel

Production assistant: Sandra Mont

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