FAT. The  Fod and tattoo experience

Bonding Food and Tattoo fields in an immersive dining experience

The bridge of two disciplines that apparently have little in common: Experimental gastronomy and the Tattoo world. The aim is to explore identity through different stages of a dinner that will gently introduce our guests into the colorful world of Tattoo.

A mystery at first, followed by unexpected events, we hosted 25 guests in an art studio in the underground Poblenou to savor a permanent reminder of a temporary feeling. FAT is an immersive experience where food is surrounded by chromatic sequences, interactive courses, music, storytelling, and exclusive tableware designed to feed not just their guts but also their mind.


The different courses stimulated an emotional response, altering their subjectivity through senses and perceptions, imagination, and association.

From a teaser exclusive word-of-mouth invitation. Involving diners to be part in each step, drawing with edible inks, tattooing vegetable, and fruits skin, or getting virtually full-body tattoed.


To do it I counted with a multidisciplinary team composed by the high cuisine chef Eduard Baviera, designer Ariadna Esteban, tattoo specialist Sara Calavera, Joan Martinez as a DJ, and host Gastón Lisak.