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Co-creation workshop that explores the physical and chemical properties of edible materials to understand its language.

We conceived food as a manageable element, subject to physical transformations. Exploring its organic characteristics, playing with foods to discover the response of each element to physic and chemical stimuli. 

The session is meant to change our bias towards ingredients achieving an objective perspective of them. This is the only way to open to a new world of functionalities of foods and their waste. 

IMG_0033 3.jpg

From techno-emotional techniques to sensory design experiences we will decompose an ingredient per group. We generate a space to mix, knead, cook, freeze or even smash foods not according to their expectation to be eaten but their properties as materials. Braking with our expectations, clarifying our curiosity.

IMG_0056 3.jpg

The workshop has made in companies and institutions as Elisava in collaboration with the creative chef Eduard Baviera.


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