JUEMAI: Objects in Dialogue is an interactive, multidisciplinary and international project combining research, creation, and dialogue.

The project begins with the collection of “diaspora objects” in the FoodCultura Archive, objects from different countries with diverse uses and origins linked to food and popular culture. The group Random Happiness collaborates in the creation and support of each edition. JUEMAI evolves around  two different, but analogous and connected parts: an initial individual action and investigation (the biography) and a subsequent collective action (the dialogue or romance).

It was born within the context of a pandemic, a fact that determines its online, experimental and work-in-progress nature.

In the first, participants choose an object and imagine themselves as that object.

In the second the participants, personified as these now animated objects, are paired off by FoodCultura and initiate a dialogue with each other sharing their disciplines, skills, and experiences.

The result of this collective exercise is a set of multidisciplinary creations that bring the objects to life with stories told through texts, videos, collages, vignettes, images, fusion- objects, performances, etc.

Participants selected from the FoodCultura and Random Happiness contact lists are invited to participate. The idea is to generate a multidisciplinary group with people of diverse cultures, geographies, and ages all made possible by being able to work online together.

The taxonomy of the objects in the FoodCultura Archive establishes how the objects are selected and how they are paired off. The intention is to focus on concepts related to the culture of food such as fast food, rituals, travel, design, recycling, power food, survival, etc.

A multidisciplinary group with people of diverse cultures, geographies, and ages.

Given the positive results obtained in the three previous editions of 2020 and keeping in mind the essential objectives of FoodCultura to reflect upon the human, cultural, creative contexts of each object, we believe that the project has the potential to evolve within a variety of experimental and educational fields. Working collectively online helps expand the concept of FoodCultura and its research.

JUEMAI. Objects in Dialogue is a space that helps us reflect upon some of the questions we face in the 21’st century:

How do we communicate? How important is materiality? Can virtual reality transmit the inherent characteristics of an object?

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