Bread has been explored as a medium to create discussion, a common groud of cultural diversity, history and humanity. Food, is not just food. 


A basic food product, symbol of human civilization.

A key element in cultural rituals surrounding us in our daily lives. A cross-cultural integrity unit. A sensual creation, an icon, wealth and femininity.


Often served to emphasize that the most important food is shared with the guests and as a symbol for welcoming and respect.


In an age when our behaviours are exposed to globalization, we defend the ancient customs and beliefs on bread and its knowledge. Bread is a cultural heritage that enriches our personal and collective hopes in society.


Bread is also a political, geographical and religious concept and is loaded with mythic meanings in different cultures.


This piece is a study of the bread loaf unit context and focuses on questions of status, and worship. Bread as a space that allows identities research far forward binary conventions.


This project opens a window from our initial perception of bread as an everyday food product and invite to think beyond. An escapist and surrealist object, a playful tool to open a dialogue about gender, society, politics, cultures and further more.


This photographic series in anaolgic film are willing to capture a moment in time with bread, movement and integrity.


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- Issue nº4-Human, Primary Paper Magazine.


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