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Nicole Vindel - Food Design & Art - Mahane Yehuda

The history of  the Mahane Yehuda Market

A meal to celebrate the diversity and cultural, social, and culinary stories of the Mahane Yehuda market.

Hustle and bustle on the streets, a bite of Halva, the smell of authentic Zatar, loud voices selling everything from fruits and vegetables to speciality foods. Are you willing to savor the delightful story of Mahane Yehuda Market?

Nicole Vindel - Food Design & Art - Mahane Yehuda

An ‘Edible poem’ to conclude with a collective awakening ritual.

A moment of reflection. A planet driven approach. When promising to empatize with humanity and nature, guests were able to enjoy moment of our fresh and sweet culinary interpretation of tomorrow.

In a five-course kosher lunch, we guided guests arrong the historical events of the past civilizations and the gastronomic enrichment that converged in the cradle of cultures, the central area of the Market.


From the Ottoman period with an oxtail dumpling in beef stock served in a Turkish tea pot, through the British Empire rethinking mediterranean fish and chips, we went across time up to our optimistic perspectives of futures.

Bridging the narratives of gastronomy, culture and design to transform the space into a live scenario where guests had an active roll.

Nicole Vindel - Food Design & Art - Mahane Yehuda

Our inspiration was based on the traditions that had been trasnfered from generation to generation. 

From the research of the food rituals and behavioural patterns of consuming with this closed cultural questions around migrations, ecology and futures.

Nicole Vindel - Food Design & Art - Mahane Yehuda


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