"Is not only about what we eat but how we do it".'Playful Nori' Series aims to rethink the way we interact with food opening a dialogue between makis and humans.

We have been designing every single project from an anthropocentric perspective, thinking we, humans and users, are in the center picture of every new item. In contrast, this piece proposes a dialogue trying to empathize with food and letting it decide how they want to be eaten. 

Engraved nori seaweed is dictating the instructions of its usage, suggesting more interesting and unusual interactions, such as eating without hands, playing with it as our mom wouldn't like us to do, or even squeezing our foods before eating.


The dream team behind the scene: 

Chef and Stylist Gabriela Guiomare from @juicyfoodprn, photography by Matthiew Jones @mat_cant_draw, and hands model Ariadna Soto @sotoffroad.


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