“In a fair and perfect world, the earth’s resources have been distributed equitably. Each person receives the nutritional intake needed for each day. The state provide and feed us by three single-dose capsules that replace our three daily meals; personalized and created specifically from algorithms based on data generated through our social interactions.
A rational world that embraces the pragmatism of food, reducing the pleasure of eating to a luxury, accessible to only a few. And you can be one of them.

The “Anhedonia-E” system recreates the real sensation of eating, personalized for each individual, by stimulating your nervous system. Feel the food between your teeth, smell it, or enjoy its aromas through its special devices.

One step forward Full VR. 
Back to reality.”

The project was selected to be exhibited inside the Mobile Week Gallery 2018, where we expose our thoughts around the "Future of tomorrow". In PLEASURE: FUTURE OF FOOD we collaborated with different science profiles to generate a fictional but possible future about gastronomy. 

Photos: @love.in.green @eloiaisa



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