This piece has been dedicated to JESSICA WALSH, a NY based designer, art director and illustrator who created Ladies, Wine & Design, a space where women can support, connect and empower women. Currently it is running in more than 150 cities around the world.

All our jewels are crafted out of Silver and 18K/23K Gold plating. Designed and handmade in our Barcelona atelier with love.


LETS TALK ABOUT BOOBS Collection by Liza Cocó.

This is a brand new jewelry collection created to inspire people around the world to work for a change. Our goal is to rise awareness and work as a conversation starter around topics as:

- Body acceptance & real beauty: Explore what confidence, beauty and power can do for us to discover, and learn to love ourselves.

- Breast cancer: Prevention through an early detection, promote its research with a 10% donation to BCRF Breast Cancer Research Fundation.

- Women empowerment: Inspire, feature and support this awesome women able to do whatever you want.

- Breastfeeding: understand it as a natural act wherever its needed to be.

- Gender equity through healthy education: Teaching equal values and respect since an early age to be applied in our present-future work field, reducing violence rates and equal rights.


...and much more to be explored!

Because together, we are stronger.

WALSH ring

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