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Why shall I book a flight to Long Island City?

Working with gold, silver, copper, and brass I learned fine jewelry techniques which I used to design from scratch the four collections-brand Liza Cocö (2017-2019), and the artwork Pleasure: The Future of foodMy knowledge expands to metal soldering, forming, casting, finishing...


With an Industrial Design background, I have worked with various materials from wood (being specialized in furniture), 3D printing and molds, casting, up to advanced materials research, and experimentation. I have been crafting mix-media sculptures and artworks for the past years for myself also collaborating with artisans on glass, stone, and ceramics.

You can see more about my past experience, and have some readings about what I have been busy doing lately.

Here are some references of my work where I reproduce organic shapes of sprouts or popcorn, as well as playing with real ingredients to craft ephemeral pieces and photography series.

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