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ARTWORK: Washing Fake Abundance 2024

MATERIAL: Video art / Performance

SERIE: 5 ud

[Contact to consult availability]

This performance was made during one of the most severe droughts in Cataluña on March 2024. During an art residency with female artists form La Clandestina at TSH Barcelona the artist washed the dirty dishes from the last shift of a restaurant and brought it to the hotel's bath tube.


The performance lasted 2:45 hours and reflects on the exploration path of the artist around our distorted perception of abundance, where earth "resources" like water ar distributed as an infinite element. This is an analogy mirroring many modern western capitalized systems, and a reflection on deeper dimensions of our consumption culture.

Film and edition: Yessica Hurtado

Venue: TSH Barcelona, Spain



If you are interested in seeing the full video, or requesting screening access feel free to contact me here



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