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How do we eat an ‘Unfair choice’?

What’s the taste of the ‘Future of Food’? How does ‘Human Data’ look like? Exploring senses as a tool to define intangible values.


Breaking the standards

of perception

The session started breaking the standards of perception, leading our guests to be aware of the potential of smell with our memories, the soundless effect in our bodies, and the multicultural bias over intangible concepts.

Ten attendees from all over the world were representing the leader color corporations in their annual gathering to identify and define the color trends of 2021 for interiors. Before starting this experience we had the honor to inspire them in a bespoke journey that will boost their relationship with food.


A science-based exploration of our perceptions, associations, and memories that changed the approach to visual stimuli in the first experimental stage. It was followed by a visit to the Suck HaKarmel, the starting point of their creative challenge.

In the streets of the Suck, they got to see, touch, and smell the ingredients and materials that afterward will transform into an edible value.

The experience concludes with a special meal designed for this occasion provided by a local chef.

The meal was composed of five tonality courses designed to be

eaten without further tools than our hands for a clearer sensitivity.


Produced by Unicas Productions for Color Hive in Tel Aviv, 2019. Creative Direction and Design by Nicole Vindel with the dynamizing support of Gastón Lisak. Photography coverage by Noa Magger.


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